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't force religion on people, anna. why not? it's not part of society. it's not part of our society. it happens all over the rest of the world. anyway, the government forces social democracy and liberalism on us all. did you help jannek langås kill himself? i just need to be left. i just need to get on with things in my own way. lennart: i'm afraid that's not going to happen. why did you come out to see me, anna? i was... about what jannek did. yeah, and you were upset, and you wanted to talk to me. talk to us now. talk to us, anna. stay here. kurt? she's failed to report a crime. she's harbored a criminal. she possibly assisted him. we can charge her. look, she's a victim in all of this. look, i don't think we're going to get anywhere by keeping her here. why don't we let her go? wallander: why don't we watch her? why don't we watch the house? i'm sure that she'll lead us to the others. (shuts off engine) you spoke about your dad when you came out to me the other night. i don't need to know about my dad. i think your father was a very misguided man. stop it. you're not honoring hi
. but the extremist view of the religion, the enforcement of strict sharia law and i think indicative sign of what the regime in iran is really like. egypt is some what different. >> how so? what accounts for that? >> i think you have in teheran, what they call themselves islamic revolution of 1979, and it is a government that supports terrorist activity and seeking nuclear weapons and represses its own citizens that don't share the values of the 1979 revolution. i think it is all part of the same thing. i think a government supporting terrorism will repress its own citizens and that's what you see here. >> the attacks in egypt are deadly. this wedding party and a guy rolls up in a motorcycle and guns everybody down. who in these countries has the backs of these people, the christians? >> in egypt under mubarak, conditions were far from perfect. i would not contend that but with the muslim brotherhood suppressed, the christians had an opportunity to live normal open lives. remember the secretary general of united nations himself was a coptic christian. but what you see going on now, the muslim bro
of religion. a senior council from the beckett fund helping hobby lobby says this is another groundbreaking case for religious rights. >> we believe that these cases will be successful, they've been successful so far. we think the trend will continue. we believe that religious freedom is going to trump what the administration is trying to do here. the administration has already given out over 100 million exemptions from this law. and soap we don't think in the face of all those exemptions they can justify their decision to trample religious freedom. >> the owner of freshway foods, a pair of catholic brothers who didn't want to have insurance for plan b. they cited part of their religion. even facing a fine for not complying. the obama administration said it's necessary to protect a woman's right to decide when and whether to have children, the judges were not convinced. they interpreted it as forcing companies to cover contraceptives. the decision friday echos the tenth circuit court of appeals ruling. that court ruled against the abortion pill mandate in the hobby lobby case and has relied
efik land ethic within the western tradition the historical religion from the middle east provide us know guidance, nor does science or technology. we have to look to the indigenous peoples and the hunting and fishing and gathering cosmologies and value systems. in that we find the ingredients for a land ethic that we sorely need but the modern liberal has long forgotten so i think that by empowering indigenous peoples and protecting their human rights that relate to the environment we can bring them to the table to help us fashion a truly american land ethic which we need to be this at this time i'm running out of time telling a lie want to just close by looking at a few implementation challenges. the u.n. special raptors report on the united states from last year concluded that there are significant challenges here in the u.s. to overcome this and haven't had a legacy of colonialism that we need to improve our existing programs and we need new measures to try to come to some kind of a reconciliation, and the study is a landmark study that leaves out ten areas, ten big areas where w
with language and religion become critical to the success of the mission. you have this person who is born enslaved and lives as enslaved person on a college campus, then leave this extraordinary life afterward. >> you also talk about race science, the search for cadavers for scientific research at these universities. >> one of the things i wanted to do with the book was to try and explain how slavery and the slave trade provided the of higher education in north america. but i also wanted to explain the role that colleges played in perpetuating slavery in the slave trade, and that is where you get to the race science. that is where becomes critical. it is precisely on campus the ideas that come to defend slavery in the 19th century get refined. intellectualr legitimacy on campus. they get their scientific veneer on campus. they get their moral credentialing on campus. i wanted to trace that process. one of the ugliest aspects of that is the use of marginalized people in the americas, in the u.s., enslaved black people, often native americans, and sometimes the irish. they are expended -- t
or knew of i could recall and i never thought religion was a problem because my methodist friends or baptist friends or whatever, gospel friends, were all the same. anyway that was a big thing. got me interested. i will never forget one night we were watching the news or something and they were talking about this, if john kennedy got elected the pope would run the country. and i looked at my mom, i said, mom, i don't think they know the catholics we know. and so with that being said, you know that was put to rest. but my uncle became a big part of the john kennedy entourage if you will and he was really big and he and teddy were very good friends. the president always wanted james to speak as well as he said. brother jimmy, you're in charge of little brother teddy to make sure he is in oratorical skills. there are in some of the books if you read memoirs of john kennedy. every time he would get down he wanted teddy to imitate james to make him feel good. that got me interested. i saw this young vivacious president which all i can remember was eisenhower before that and he was more
grocery store, we win. but when it comes to -- religion is much more central to the way they want to govern. so trying to convince them to be like us ain't going to work. we tried that for a while. but in syria, so you got the moderate elements, and then you've got al-qaeda, and there are foreign fighters coming from all over the muslim world, and they are all coming on the side of al-qaeda. if there is one single solitary soul who has shown up in syria to fight for the free syrian movement, to fight for freedom and democracy, then i am unaware of it. and that gives you an idea how we're not doing as well as we should. second reason is we have very little credibility. and that's a problem. that makes it hard. and as a member of congress, i can tell you how difficult it is when you don't have much credibility in great and painful detail, as a matter of fact. and, you know, for a variety of different reasons, you know, i thought it was very interesting in egypt that pote sides were claiming that the other side had u.s. support. even, you know, the people who were opposed to the musl
are free to choose their religion. no one has to write -- has the right to interfere in people's beliefs and no one can force a belief on people. if someone wants to force what they believe on people, to force people to eat and drink, to think in the way they see fit, and according to their own ignorance. this is dangerous. at the cultural level. these kinds of ideologies, has its own school, its own institutes. its own supporters, and hence the problem is increasing. so, the problem is huge and increasing and we should face it and we have the right to request is sufferingld from terrorist supporters and all the country suffering from al qaeda. they want to live in peace. ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing an economic recovery despite what you hear at times. this is not having an impact on companies coming and working in iraq and in this meant -- and investment and in building. we will contain the potential disasters that we would have suffered had this it -- security forces not ceased. -- not faced al qaeda. today they are suffering in , iraq. due to people wearing bombs and enter
't that spiritual. >> rose: you got religion but not that religion. was it a spiritual he is perience. >> it is. there's no other way to describate, thanks to the donor, to the medical crew and the people throughout the country who said prayers for me, my family. it's the gift of life itself. one minute you're facing death, you expected it, you lived with heart disease for 35 years and you've reached the point where it's not working anymore. and then you wake up and it turns out you've done the heart machine buys you time, the pump. but you go under for the transplant and you come out and three weeks later i was in wyoming making speeches. i had gone from that period 20 months earlier when i was about to cash in my chips and life stretches ahead of me for i don't know how long. >> rose: when you were ready to check out, what did you do. >> it was an amazing experience in the sense that i had reached the end of my days. it's not unexpected. i live with this disease for 35 years. >> rose: you knew you would die -- >> i would die of heart disease. my father did. but when that time came, i was at
. the constitution says we establish no religion. and here we are jews and hindus and muslims, and all types of religion. and he says the democratic party promotes what's contrary to the word of god. the word of god tells us to heal the sick, to feed the hungry, to teach the children well. those are principles the democratic party believes in and puts money where our mouth is behind. i take offense at a lot of what he says. and ted cruz ought to get to the business of disavowing his father. stop using him as a surrogate. >> this is an example, krystal of how extreme has gone mainstream in the republican party. that's really what's troubling here. >> yeah. i think that's exactly right. when he delivers a line like send the president back to kenya, it's a huge applause line. it's not like he's out there on his own and no one's supporting him. as you pointed out, this guy has become a tea party darling. >> and how do you take that out of context? >> seems like that was pretty much what he meant in that moment. and so i think he is sort of the perfect embodiment of what the tea party actually be
needs to paint because of the so called standard and acm our intentions and that means that the religion time getting even close to it that the course big difference with the nineteen sixties was there was no question of the orders came from the top when it came to sneaky stuff up amid the controversy over whether obama himself was or was not informed that ransom or responds to the broader question as put by the international york times's cartoonist shop pots he's the most secretive of all u s intelligence agencies and fifty two billion dollar year of the ummah. out of control. you just can't. you know that there's a lot of money to be made and not taking this sees that the idea that said this so this is as a budget that the nsa has a tuna does this for the politicians have a handle on what their own spy agencies are doing. either that the end of. at the end of this standard and the d sound fx flaw an oversht and ishmael the son. right now. the people of the congressional oversight committee on oversight of this if you go back and look athat they've shed workers had privately and publicl
coverage. the federal appeals court says that limits the right of free exercise of religion by burdennenning companies to require insurance that includes contraception. it is another ground breaking case for religious rights and others say it is the employees who have a right to coverage. >> the only question here is whether our government can force religious business owners to pay for abortion causing drugs and to pay for contraceptives, even if it is against their most deeply held religious beliefs. >> the reason for that is that you have the right to practice what you want, but an employer shouldn't have the right to deny the people who work at that institution their right to follow their conscience and use contraception. >> this case is involving the owners of fresh way foods. the catholic brothers do not want to contribute to the coverage of contraceptive including plan b pills citing their roman catholic religion. facing a fine for not complying and while the obama administration says the requirement is necessary to protect a woman's right to decide when or if she want
exercise of worship and religion. the right to due process. the right to own property. we don't deny any of those rise to the formally incarcerated which is why this sticks out. >> president obama has said he'll sign a bill to restore voting rights to ex-felons, what some prominent republicans rand paul and rick santelorum. meantime millions of ex-convicts are barred from advocating for themselves. >> all right. that is a great piece. congratulations on it. a really timely one given the fact virginia gubernatorial race election is tomorrow. it shocked me that 5 -- almost 6 million americans are prohibit freddie vote due to felony restrictions. that breaks down so sharply along racial lines. one in 13 african-americans in the united states are disenfranchised in large part because of these felony restrictions -- restrictions on felons voting. how do we begin to -- how do red states or the states where this is happening begin to explain this, the reasoning, the rati rational behind denying the vote. >> i did hard to defend this. look, when you get out of jail, you've paid your debt. you do
a show, penn and teller b.s. we would attack christianity. we would attack all sorts of religions. what we would get bakck, we expected hostility. what we got again and again. gentle sweetness. one of the thing that happens when you are an atheist, you get tweets. letters, i am so sorry religious people treat you'd so badly when you want to atheism. i think one of the reasonize want to atheism, religious people treated me so well. my dad was a christian. we were very, very close. there is a feeling love and security that can make you very happy with the life we have here. and sometimes the gentleness and the love itself is what gives you the confidence to maybe, not be, not be reaching for things. this is what i encounter all the time. the number of people that are aggressive and unpleasant in religion to me in my, life, is just about zero. maybe one or two. >> do you feel threatened by atheism? >> no. i can't stress this enough. a lot of my friend are atheists. just reflecting to day. had a lunch with a friend. ing anostic. >> you have seen priests go through crisis of faith. where pri
, which states congress shall make no respecting the establishment of a religion or prohibiting free exercise thereof. the supreme court in marsh v. chambers, 1983, upheld the constitutionality of legislative prayer. so i think it's pretty clear that our framers intended that there be a spiritual dimension to government and that the separation of church and state was referring to the establishment of a religion, of having an official state religion or governmental religion. and i don't think any, any lawmaker would want me to address any particular partisan issue. my position is non-partisan. every statement i have made in my intercession could apply to both sides of the aisle. i provide ministry in a political environment. so my prayers will reflect material related to government because that's what politics, that is what the political process is all about but it does not, it does not bring up my prayers. i deliberately avoid partisan issues of the i have never talked about immigration reform, i have never talked about same-sex marriage or pro-choice or pro-life or anything like tha
of yours rodin, including best s dennis stated. >> this is a way of life but a religion, no. >> tell us what you think. join the conversation or you can't go on for more on this story. >> the time is 6:23 a.m.. if you know someone, you might be able to get them the google g hey... is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. >> welcome back. the time is 6:26 a.m.. here's a live look at wall street. about two-thirds of the companies have succeeded their expectations. the stock markets have rose in. maligned the dow closed at about a point and the nasdaq lost 2. we are three minutes away from the opening bell and we'll see what happens. maligned there might be a new way for you to get your hand on the google glass. they are allowing people to invite their friends to get the glass. you have to have a friend
that, you know, religion is as diverse as christianity, islam and judaisjudaism. but if you are talking about the redefinition of marriage, as many here are today, which is you're right to love whoever you want to love, very few people disagree with somebody's right to love somebody. the question comes in: how do you write a law? how do you define that? do you say that any two people who love each other can be considered married? and then what do you say to the person who says, but we are three people and we love each other. why are you leaving us out of that equation? so these are where the questions get more complicated and harder to define and harder to write into law and make everybody feel good about it. >> that's why socies historicale referred to the con jugal definition of marriage. >> why marriage? why do you think that now more than ever, the republican party, members of the republican party are open to this idea of gay marria marriage? >> it's an issue that's evolved. barack obama only came out in favor of gay marriage a relatively short time ago. i think this gets at a long
they have daily and meaningful contact with a person of another race or religion. and then i had another trial after this was done in another jurisdiction that shall go unnamed, and i would say there were maybe 5 percent of the jurors, potential jurors, who had had meaningful contact with a person of a different race or ethnicity and that's really what this is about. one of my least favorite words is the word tolerance because, you know, i tolerate brussel sprouts but if you simply tolerate the diversity that is america, you are going to, you are aspiring for mediocrity. when we have, and this gets back to your question, when we have leaders that embrace diversity and that build a culture that says, you know what, if you want to compete in the global economy tomorrow, pal, you've got to embrace diversity. why does coca-cola write a brief to the united states supreme court and general motors and microsoft on issues of diversity and higher education? because they know if they want to get ahead, they've got to embrace that diversity. if they want to continue to be a fortunes 50 company,
take out representatives of the 5 major religions and do the same thing and we model in front of high school and middle school students how the faiths can sit down like we are sitting here today and have conversations about our commonalities but about our differences as well. many of the comments we get from students is, wow, you guys can sit up there and talk because most of the pictures our students see are the ones that have been playing across our screens the last 2 or 3 days. we hope by challenging that we can prevent bullying and harassment we've been seeing here today. >> thank you, amina stacy is manager of communications for the los angeles giants. >> if you think about what our mission is, you probably think our mission is to win the world series every year, which hopefully this year we're on the right track, but actually our mission statement, we just went through an exercise but our mission statement has always been to enrich the community through innovation. and it's very, i am very proud of the fact that the giants have been able to take that mission and bring it into
perder un hijo. en st. jude no importa la raza, la religion, la nacionalidad, ni la situacion financiera. lo unico que importa es salvar vidas inocentes. pero tratar un niÑo con cancer, como mi amigo miguel... cuesta mucho dinero. y por eso st. jude depende de tus donaciones mensuales. por favor, acompaÑanos y conviertete en un angel de esperanza de st. jude, ahora. en los estados unidos, los niÑos de st. jude estan luchando por sus vidas con la ayuda de la medicina moderna... pero en otras partes del mundo, demasiados niÑos con cancer tienen muy poca ayuda y muy poca esperanza. solo el 30% de los niÑos del mundo tienen acceso a tratamientos medicos modernos, lo que significa que en gran parte del mundo, un niÑo con cancer es un niÑo que probablemente morira. es por eso que st. jude creo el programa de alcance internacional y para contarnos sobre el increible trabajo que estan haciendo, aqui tenemos a mi amiga angelica vale. >> a pesar de todo el maravilloso trabajo que st. jude lleva acabo aqui en los estados unidos, un 70% de los niÑos alrededor del mundo todavia no tiene acces
for the works of religion which is kind of a bank that's set up to help coordinate charitable activities and currently the pope -- both pope francis and pope benedict had been working to kind of clean up some of the activity and put the vatican bank in a more rigorous footing. but it's a small bank in the scale of things. and so i don't really know what kind of threats they would imagine the holy sea would pose. >> it's very, very interesting i appreciate you giving us some insight. jimmy aken, senior apoll gist. >> the white house said in a statement that the discussion between the leaders will focus on the long-term relationship between iran and the relationship. that partnership is something the prime minister is extremely concerned about as the security and stability of the rock unravels. prime minister al-maliki made the message today while speaking at the united states institute of peace. >> there's one message iraq's prime minister has been pushing during his visit to washington, d.c. this week. help me fight terrorism in my country, a cause, maliki says will not only help iraq bu
. >> she tells me my costume was offensive and i was promoting religion which i wasn't at all. >> he was told to take off his costume before he went back to class. he did just that and called his mother. >> my first reaction was shock because last night we had went out and went to the craft stores and linen stores. i was excited he had chosen to be jesus. >> sanders didn't understand why he couldn't dress up as a figure he looked up to. >> i saw other kids prrp dressed as moses i talked to them. they were questioned but they were never brought down to the dean. >> other students agreed. >> i am p orthodox jew and i didn't see a problem with it. he didn't mean harm to the students. >> they released this statement. we initially were concerned the costume could be offensive to religious sensibilities. upon further review we realized the stew accident didn't intend to be offensive. >> he found is weird the school did not have a problem with his costume last year when i dressed up as snoop dogg. >> i just wanted to be black jesus. i didn't think this would be such a big deal. >> after mee
on the grounds of my religion, regardless of any other factors, i would think that the democratic party would not deserve to be successful, because you would be giving an office to a candidate who potentially could be the president, in either case, and whose only claim under those conditions would be that he happened to go to church on sunday to the catholic church. i must say i would consider that at a most crucial time in the life of this country to be a disastrous way of picking a ticket. one of the ways that i hope to make it clear that i will not participate is by making it extremely clear that i am not going to run for vice president. if the democratic party feels that i could be a successful candidate and a useful president, i hope they will pick me. if they don't, i will work for the party, but i would not engage in the kind of operation which might be suggested in the question of attempting to attract catholics to a ticket because i happened to be on it as vice president. i must say any catholic who voted for me on those grounds would be extremely unwise, and i would not run. >> "mee
religions out there. >> i think the holidays in america is the melting pot. kwanzaa, chanukah, christmas. let them sing it all. >> the u.s. supreme court declined to hear an appeal of a similar ban involving another new jersey district in 2010. but an appeals court upheld a ban saying schools should create an inclusive environment. >>> black friday is getting an early start this year. at walmart, retailers offer deals well ahead of the traditional holiday shopping period. it started offering discounts this week. numerous stores are also opening on thanksgiving for the first time. experts say part of the reason we are seeing deals earlier than usual is because thanksgiving is november 28 making six fewer shopping days this season. >>> live in san jose, clear skies at this hour. we have your saturday evening forecast as the news continues on kpix 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and tho
controversy. some believe they are building a wall to separate christians and other religions. >> that is rash. muslims and christians were among reeve gees. -- refugees. bulgaria says it's desperate for help. as the sophia government points out this is the e.u.'s per iment her. a new video surveillance system is in place. still the migrants come. >> the father of a gaoled member of the russian punk band pussy riot spoke to al jazeera about his desperation to find out where his daughter is. nadya tolokonnikova is thought to have been moved to a new prison. but family have had no contact for days. >> a daily vigil is beej staged outside the hours to protest about the treatment of nadya tolokonnikova. her family has not heard anything from the authorities, apart from the fact that she's been moved to a new prison after going on two hunger strikes to publy sis conditions inside the penalal colony where she's being held and they fear for her safety. her father told her she made the decision to speak out after receiving threats to her life. >> it's been 14 days without contact. we don't know if she
that people are going to hear a story that's when we came to america. knowing the lack of religion. my house's top the family came to washington airport hoping to get answers for why they have to live in fear everyday. no idea why i'm back on the chilly winter and get outside with my grandma then everything became dark. i was dead so i started to montana to my mom's was bleeding so i tried to clean my hands had not kept coming out that i was very scared. i just kept my name. we also learned that the us government did not grant the of the warrior of this family a prominent pakistani lawyer was soon to see id the house and the hapless that the victims of crimes rights in pakistan four hundred and fifty colorful conditional fold your clothes this time. get the idea being that poland who pisses off work the goal along the course the ones driving the suv and that this is how they're being targeted and at the same time the north could be in a position to lead the idiot the purpose of this great thing was to put a human face to throw strikes. there's a torch and study in congress the tragedy of thi
on the minority's religion and culture. >> three former world journalists have pleaded guilty to hacking phones ahead of a high-profile trial that starts this wednesday and is expected to last until next easter. it sees a defendant said former editors like rebecca brooks and andy colson facing 15 phone acting related charges. -- phone hacking related charges. broosks is said to have been active in hacking. a bust of winston churchill has just been unveiled there. john boehner was joined for the unveiling ceremony today by secretary of state john kerry amongst others. half a century after the british prime minister was granted honorary u.s. citizenship. he was addressed three times more than any other dignitary. make sure you catch the 90th edition opening with a dazzling chocolate fashion show. the french tennis champion was among those wearing chocolate creations. also taken to the catwalk was a former miss france. it runs until sunday, november 3. check it out if you can. that's all from the newsroom for now. >> claire pride in the newsroom. after more than three years of captivity in the sah
vampires and wanted to focus on religion. >> i went back to the catholic church after 30 years after being an atheist and i realized i wanted to right just about jesus christ. >> reporter: four years ago she turned away from organized religion citing her stance on abortion and gay rights. >> i always want to have the courage. i looked up flip-flop because someone called me a flip-flopper and it says to make a complete reversal. so that's what i did. i have to say, yes, i flip-flopd. >> the 72-year-old is unpredictable. she has written several erotic novels. >> the sex scenes in the book are pretty racy. >> good. i want them to be so. >> what makes anne rice blush? >> i don't know. i've written err rot ka and i may right some more. >> reporter: is that a scoop? >> sure. >> reporter: and she may not be finished with the walking dead either. >> how do you make walking zombies romantic. >> or sexy. >> that's a thought. what if around absolutely beautiful guy -- i'm beginning to get it. >> it doesn't take much for rice's imagination to run wild. she says th
of these are the wars that are waged under sectarian banners. people are free to choose their religion. no one has the right, no one can force a belief on people. if someone wants to force what they believe on people, to force drink, toeat and think in the way they see fit, and according to their own ignorance. this is dangerous. this has its own it has its own school, it's own institute and own supporters. the problem is huge. world is suffering from terrorist supporters. people are suffering from al qaeda. they want to live in peace. ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing an economic recovery despite what you hear at times. this is not having an impact on companies coming and working in -- andd in this meant investment and in building. we will contain the potential disasters that we would have suffered had this it -- security forces not ceased. suffering in people wearing bombs and entering cafÉs or funerals. this is what is leading to huge casualties. we cannot control the iraqi terrorist. with a car bomb, they cannot kill as many people. his is why they are using those ignorant terr
that are waged under sectarian banners. people are free to choose their religion. no one has the right, no one can force a belief on people. if someone wants to force what they believe on people, to force people to eat and drink, to think in the way they see fit, and according to their own ignorance. this is dangerous. this has its own school, its own institute. hence, the problem is increasing. the problem is huge and increasing. request theright to whole world, which is suffering from terror, to support us and support all the countries and the people who are suffering from al qaeda and from terrorists in order to defeat them and allow for people and countries to live in peace. iraq is witnessing an economic recovery despite everything you hear about terror attacks and threats. this is not having an impact on companies coming in working in iraq on investment and reconstruction and rebuilding. contain the to potential disasters that we would have suffered should the security forces have not faced al qaeda. in iraq issuffering due to those people wearing bomb belts and entering cafÉs or funera
or not there is a burden on that. the second is the fresh way companies as persons exercising religion under riff brought and the third is what some courts referred to as a pass-through saving whereby a closely held family type corporation such as this one can't assert free exercise rights of its owners and forth only judge waldman in the district here uses which is a third party standing doctrine. i would like to begin by looking at the claims of the gilardi's as individuals. several things are disputed. first the gilardi's or persons and the gilardi's control and make the decisions for the freshway companies including what goes in and what's kept out of the company health plans. third the sub to have a religious objection to directing their companies to include coverage for contraception and sterilization and things that at least in their view can cause early abortions in her health plans. force the hhs mandate in challenge here requires the companies to include those things in their plans or face significasignifica nt fines. and five, those things can only be included in the plan if francis and philip
-crazy. >> but at within point she gave up vampires and wanted to focus on religion. >> i went back to the catholic church after 30 years after being an atheist and i realized i wanted to right just about jesus christ. >> reporter: four years ago she turned away from organized religion citing her stance on abortion and gay rights. >> i always want to have the courage. i looked up flip-flop because someone called me a flip-flopper and it says to make a complete reversal. so that's what i did. i have to say, yes, i flip-flopd. >> the 72-year-old is unpredictable. she has written several erotic novels. >> the sex scenes in the book are pretty racy. >> good. i want them to be so. >> what makes anne rice blush? >> i don't know. i've written err rot ka and i may right some more. >> reporter: is that a scoop? >> sure. >> reporter: and she may not be finished with the walking dead either. >> how do you make walking zombies romantic. >> or sexy. >> that's a thought. what if around absolutely beautiful guy -- i'm beginning to get it. >> it doesn't take much for rice's imagination to run wild. she says the wolfs in
. >> reporter: in cambodia religion has been a source of guidance for people. the spiritual side of life, rarely crossing into the political realm. but that is changing. and he is one of several munks who have taken part in antigovernment protests in the country. >> translator: according to buddhist teachings munks can participate in activities especially when the people are suffering from injustice. >> reporter: the opposition accuses the ruling party of using fraud to return to power. and led a serious of mass rallies in the capitol. during the latest demonstrations, thousands of people marched across the state to hand over position with more than 2 million thumb print to the u.n. and foreign embassy. they are trying to pressure the government into allowing an independent investigation into the election. >> the government has knowledge of the embassy and the government cannot do business with the rest of the world unless this issue is resolved properly. >> reporter: opposition politicians who won 55 seats out of 123 are boycotting parliament. on the day that members of parliament fr
the religion of islam, however one wants to practice it. it's the desire for imposation, poll itisation of the faith. i came to realise that islamism was a grievance. up until that point i was aggrieved by foreign policy. islamism was the largest obstacle preventing muslim societies from progressing. i was someone driven by a sense of injustice. i wanted to seek for justice. that would entail challenging the islamist ideology. if i realised that it was an obstacle to the advancement of muslim society. we grounded quinn lamb. >> we have a question from a huer. >>> jd rosen asks is reduction of drone war fair an effective countermeasure against new extremist recruitment? >> so i've been critical of uab, drone strikes. if the policy is carrick cattured as democracy at the barrel of the gun, was bush's stance. if the leadership of al qaeda was dealt with by drone strikes, president obama felt he could deal with the problem. it's an ideology, an inurgency, not just an organization. president obama's organization said al qaeda inspired terrorist. it's the end product. >> you write in referenc
report from phnom penh. >> reporter: in cambodia, religion has been mostly a guidance of people, rarely crossing into the political realm, but that is changing. one of several monks who has taken part in recent anti-government protests defying warnings from chief monks in the country. >> according to buddhist teach, monks have the right to participate in social activities, especially when people are suffering from injust. >> reporter: the opposition accuses the ruling party of using fraud to return to power. it has led a series of mass rallies in the capitol. thousands of people marched across phnom penh. they're trying to pressure the government into allowing an independent investigation into the election. >> the government has knowledge, the government cannot do business as usual with the rest of the world unless this issue is resolved properly. >> reporter: opposition politicians who won 55 seats out of 123 are boycotting parliament. on the day that members of parliaments from the ruling party was sworn in the opposition were in another city. the government has indicated it's not abo
been apologizing and saying, oh, this isn't the islamic religion. it's not all of islam. it's a minority, but it is not one in a million. it's about 10%. in england there were 500,000 people who said the subway bombings, i sympathize with killing british citizens in the subway through violence. that's alarming that there is that large of a percentage -- 10 to 15% of islam saying violence against christians and unarmed noncombatants is okay. that's alarming. >> what should our president be doing differently on that? >> speak out about it. we should quit sending money to these countries. we spend over a million dollars to pakistan. there is a woman on death row for blasphemy. she said she drew water from a muslim well and they beat her and charged her with blaspheming. she said she just tried to drink from a muslim's well. the president shouldn't send money. no more money to countries killing christians, period. killing christians, period. >> senator rand paul, thank when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happen
on race, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation and they were going to make the band say this. >> i had a great idea. me in the middle of the stage butt naked. i slather myself with margarine and call myself bill schulz is marginal liesed. i let them lick it up. >> and then set you on fire? >> not that part. >> or otherwise known as tuesday. >> but i won't get paid for it. >> i will try to do this story now. why did they erase her smiling face. the obamacare cover girl is missing and the white house refuses to say what they did with her. what are they hiding? yes it is day who cares of -- >> obama-apocalypso care gate. >> it was a mystery woman greeting visitors to health care .gov. she became the face of futility and nicknamed glitch girl. on sunday she was replaced by icons showing four ways people can learn about obamacare. one of them outlines a new way to enroll. according to the white house after you log-in you write the name of the insurance plan you want on your computer screen and then you commit suicide. where is obamacare cover girl right now? "red eye" tracked her down in h
christian targets. the target of other religions is driving the casualty rate higher. >> it is much more like war fare and it's war fare using the tools of terrorism. >> reporter: the violence is more concentrated than you might think. three countries, iraq, pakistan, and afghanistan suffer more than half the attacks and the casualties. and that really points out the flip side of some of those numbers. the danger to civilians in the united states and western europe and even parts of eastern asia isn't nearly as high and may actually be declining. chris lawrence, cnn, washington. >>> now there are some of the buildings that are still showing signs of damage and the repairs are ongoing. but on the one-year anniversary of hurricane sandy ellis island is opening one against and welcoming visitors. what an important place this is. >> take your children. some of the displays are great. it's a remarkable place to visit. >> the gateway where millions of people came to this country, it was badly battered by superstorm sandy and a new electrical system should be operational by may and new heating
in pe classes saying it promotes eastern religions. he wants to give sxarnts students the right to opt out. gym teachers and others argue classes are designed to keep kids active and help prevent sports injuries. >>> san francisco program designed to lure movie make together city may get a boost a super advisor proposing putting more money into the pot. abc7 news joins us live now from city hall. carolyn? >> reporter: san francisco's fwil in rebate program set to expire next year. the supervisor wants to expend thaend by a year, expanding coverage so we can compete with places like new mexico, new york, and vancouver. san francisco used to be able to relie on its beauty to lure movie makers but now, you need sweetener. >> the bottom line is that it's important. >> reporter: the producer for a new hbo series called "looking". they were shooting today in tiburon. most action is in san francisco. incentives were a draw. the program rebates up to $600,000 fees paid to the city for things like permits and stage rentals. >> being able to access that, we were able to put more on screen than
taught at public school classes the republican believes the practice promotes eastern religion. yoga has deep root in buddhist faith. he wants to give parents and students the opt out designed to keep you active and prevent sports related injuries. >> well now look at why people are such extreme stunt these days. latest surfer aiming for the record book by riding a mountain size wave. topping out at 100 feet. wild daredevil pushing the envelope every day and great are numbers these days and hoping for more than a rush of adrenalin and moment of glory. we explain. >> watch the surfer taking on unprecedented monster of a wave in the sea of portugal. estimated at 100 feet high. about 20 times his size. chasing world record by surfing the biggest wave. record set in 2011 by mcnamara. >> going so fast and brain getting rattled. whole body is getting rattled. >>reporter: daredevil push themselves over the edge all around the world even above it. felix jumped from the edge of space. eve side by side with a b.17 bomber jet. nick crossing niagara falls on this. whether wing suit giant
will. they might discriminate against someone who is not of their religion. >> yet opponents point to statements by eeoc commissioner called the lead drafter of nda, who said in 2006 when sexual and religious liberties conflict, quote, i'm having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win. here's how he responded when confronted with that position in her senate confirmation process. >> i also have a deep respect for and understanding of religious practice and a deep-seated ca eed tolerance f j religious differences. >> they're unchanged by the conversion and the language on the exemptions. >> we have a administration that ignores the religious liberties of chaplains, of all kinds of people when you look at what happening with the hhs mandate. >> they're set to vote as early as next week, and supporters say they have 59 votes. they'll need 60 to make sure the measure is filibuster proof and gets to the floor for a vote. >> what do you think? do you think businesses should be forced to hire people whose beliefs conflict with that company's goals? let me
of other religions besides christianity, who are they talking about? let's nail it? >> they mean people they see at meetings? how do they get to be we americans? >> they're free to say whatever delusional thing they want to say. but you know, talking about practical politics here, what i was going to say, ztoo, they boh live, not just in the land of political reality, but in the land where barack obama wins. he won the district in virginia where the congressman comes from. and they won the state of ohio. so they know that the american politics are diverse, ideologically, policy wise, generational. so they know, to be successful politicians have to operate within those confines, the people, ted cruz and others are self-selecting, self-seg gra gaiting and coming up with this success that only relies on people who think like they do. >> howard, i'm not going to quit on this point. i like immigrants, especially people who come here legally and play by the rules. he did that. his father's from cuba. he just got here from canada. and yet he gets to dictate to everybody on the north, everybody
and talking about sports, right? we want to keep it unbiased, talk about play the games. get religion, get race, get everything out of it and rebrand the company. >> wearing black ties. we're both racist. melissa: we're talking about money. what is the best money move for the team? because on one hand they have a lot of investment in the name redskins. that is what everybody identifies with. some estimates are 10 to $20 million to change the name. i think a lot more than that. >> a lot more. rebrand, it's a lot more. merchandising, it is logo and website. you know better than i do, peter about this probably talking half a billion dollars to completely revamp. >> i'm not a money person. i give you anecdotal. i lived in washington and covered washington sports two years. there is not a fan base more passionate than washington fan base, whatever is on logo, whatever merchandise, they will buy it and tickets. merchandise is split between all the teams. ticket sales, parking, going there buying concessssions. that type of thing they're getting so much money from the tv revenue, changing logo i
in employment on the basis of race, color, sex, nationality, religion, disability or age. to hire people at your business in the united states of america, you cannot hang up a shingle that says, old people or jews may not apply. to add to that long list of categories, heading into this week, there were three who were not on board of that anti-discrimination legislation. for whatever reason at the start of this week, senators pryor, joe manchin, and bill nelson of florida have not said they supported this bill. but then, once senator harry reid said he would be putting that bill up for a vote between now and thanksgiving, all the three hold-out democratic senators decided they were going to get on board. so now, all the senators support that non-discrimination bill. and when new senator cory booker gets sworn in tomorrow, that means there will be 55 senators who will all vote yes on the anti-discrimination bill. and 55 out of a hundred, do the math, are the majority. but republicans are going to filibuster this bill, make it take 60 votes. they need five more votes. they need five more republican
monotheistic religions, christianity, islam and judaism, all hold the same position on the use of for indiscriminately against innocent civilians. so this is the background, and what is the reality that we face now? we have a government that has come to power by election, by popular election that he sees and. they have been -- that is seasoned. they had been involved in negotiations on the nuclear question, and negotiations with the united states before. in fact, for much of their adult life. they're very good, and i can say that having spent the last month in new york meeting with them, listening to them, and watching the reaction of our government to their behavior and proposal. they are very good. they are as good diplomats as you'll find anywhere in the world. and i say that as a person who has been involved in policy -- diplomacy all of my life. they are very good, and they know what they're talking about. and it seems to me that for the first time in 34 years, we have a congruence of national leadership in iran, popularly elected, supported by the supreme leader, experien
the crystal springs reservoir, religion wood road and -- edge wood road and the city. >>> we have breaking news we've been telling you about from san jose. huge flames destroying a victorian home. >>> an early morning tragedy on a bay area highway that involves a suspected drunk driver and a construction worker. stay with us.
catholic religion and facing a $14 million fine for not complying. the obama administration said it is person for a woman's right to decide, the judges were not convinced. the 10th circuit ruling, they rowelled against the abortion pill man date in the hobby lobby case. and other cases went the opposite way. and the split may indicate that the supreme court may take on the issue. harris, back to you. >> let's talk about obama care, we'll bring in john from the national review. john, the site is going down in 90 minutes and so what does this tell you about this. saturday night that they are going to tackle this. >> it is a good time it take it down. and today is the one month anniversary of the site and we are no closer to getting people on line than a month ago. >> we saw republicans pressing for the raw numbers on how many people sewned up and truly ciped up. why is that important foritous know? >> because there is a lost spin and smoke in the air and fog. enrollment numbers are hard bit of data that we can see and decide is this site working? we know after the first day there w
about the problems in kachin and myanmar. kachin is in the north. there's many ethnic and religion groups, mostly christian. in myanmar it's mostly buddist. a civil war broke out two years ago. that's only one worry for the myanmar government. there's violence between buddhists and rohingyas. joe blachlland is an analyst and joins us via skype from canberra. how significant really is the ceasefire agreement. how hopeful are you that it could result in a lasting peace in myanmar. ixed i think it is quite significant. i think it follows on from the president's plan to establish a sense of order that works for his government. this is - it needs to be seen in the context of the roadmap that the government has - the regime prior to this government established back in 2003. and it's about establishing an element of prosperity reliant on security. that prosperity is something seen as being in the interests of the tafaldorf and the military that backed the government. this is, in some respects, a cynical ploy by the government, but it's something that has broader benefits for the community
be offensive to other parents, families, because there's just so many different religions. >> i think the holidays and america's is a melting pot. kwanzaa, hanukkah, christmas. let them sing it all. >> in 2010, the u.s. supreme court declined to hear an appeal of a similar. an appeals court upheld that saying the school should create an inclusive environment. >> is a 12:00. remember to turn your clocks back. i am just loving this extra hour of sleep. >> no controversy there. as for the rest of the day -- >> on the other hand, if we hadn't set the clocks back, we would be done by now. >> i will take this week. >> certainly beautiful. a lot of sunshine around the bay area. good luck a bit chilly. temperatures just out the door. mid to upper 40s inland. not bad. as you look toward the bay bridge, a few high clouds. aside from that, a-ok. livermore 49, san francisco 54, santa rosa 52 degrees. wind speeds right now mostly calm to just a few miles per hour in the south bay. they've even calm down up at napa where they've been gusting up to 25 miles per hour. wind advisories posted for parts
and families. there is so many different religions out there. >> and the holidays is a melting pot. kwanzaa, hanukkah, christmas and let them sing it all. >> in 2010, the u.s. supreme court declined to hear an appeal of a similar ban with another new jersey school district. the appeals court upheld the ban saying the schools should create an inclusive environment. >>> and 9:09, one fewer hour of daylight today. >> and we don't. >> wow. love them. >> it's true and going to be dark early. >> as far as you're concerned. >> and i loved it this morning. >> and we do have a lot of sunshine for you. on the chilly side. not bad at all and for one in the first week of november. and right now, concord's got 53 degrees and san jose, 56 and for santa rosa and had is for the charles schwabb cup in san francisco. and it's going to be breezy and cool and the added temperature of is connect size and this is what we are expecting, the low pressure is moving in over northern california and keeping things chillier than average this time of the year. the low heads out and is replaced by high pressure midweek a
by the first amendment. to ensure we are not pursuing because of religion, because of national origin, because people are out assembling peacefully and freely as they are allowed to by the first amendment and so forth. it makes it clear that you cannot conduct an assessment if that is your sole reason for doing it. there are many other appropriate reasons for doing assessments. we can talk about migrations of gangs. when we are looking at the evolution of the gang problem, and we recognize it is a problem we face today. what is it going to look like tomorrow and what can appropriately be done by law enforcement to address that problem tomorrow today so that we are not dealing with another big regional, national, or transnational gang tomorrow? that may mean that in that authorized purpose with clear objectives and trying to define what that gang, they might look at population data where it ight be logical based on historical examples where it might crop up tomorrow and then engage on explaining what the problem might be, then involving many parts of the community, not just the law enforcement
uses religion, calligraphy and politics in his art. many deal with turmoil and change in the region, particularly in egypt. after living in morocco for 26 years, he says the arab spring was long overdue. >> for me it was about the idea of being here at that moment when others of my age are here, and they have a desire for change. >> one of them, hani's biggest revolution. he saw images flash across the television scream of egyptian police known as the blue broad girl. that's when he said he immediately went to work. >> i think it's - again, like a representation of the violation of individual rights, the homel, the antig witty of an individual person, and it's become automatically more powerful when the subject is a woman. >> the famous image from 2011 became a symbol of protest against power, showing a struggle the against police brutality. the image sparked outrage reaction from around the world, leading to further protest in egypt. in his work titled, "you were my ownly love, set to debut." representatives deemed it unacceptable. i think the senn soreship is directly connected to
are free to choose their religion. no one has the right, no one can force a belief on people. if someone wants to force what they believe on people, to force people to eat and drink, to think in the way they see fit, and according to their own ignorance. this is dangerous. this has its own school, its own institute. >> the whole world is suffering from terror and support all the countries and the people who are suffering from al qaeda and now for people in countries to live in peace. raq today ladies and gentlemen is witnessing an economic recovery despite everything you hear about terror attacks and threats. but this is not having an impact on companies coming and working in iraq on construction and rebuilding. the e were able to contain decasters that we would have suffered had the security forces not faced al qaeda. are our suffering in iraq due to those people wearing bomb bells and entering cafes or funerals and other gatherings and blowing themselves up. this is what is leading to the huge kass alties. otherwise they cannot control one inch of the iraqis and with kill as they can
. the show's creator claims it appeals to everyone because it mixes religion and pop culture in a nonoffensive way. not sure i get the connection between britney spears and jesus. >> are they going to change the lyrics or use the songs the way they are? >> i don't think so. i think as is. >> i remember in the 70's they tried this with the bay city rollers and it didn't really go over. >> what song did they sing there? >> saturday night, they couldn't get all the psalms out. >> thank you very much for the news. of course the big news this morning as we all open the door to come to work, it was freezing in new york city? >> we're talking very cold temperatures across parts of the east, temperatures well below average. i want to show wind chill averages across the northeast because it feels like in the 20's as you head out the door so you really need the jacket. feels like 27 now in new york city and feels like 23 in pittsburgh. even parts of alabama, parts of georgia waking up to wind chill temperatures in the 30's this morning. bundle up as you head out the door. you need that
about the same things. in this vast and varied nation, differences in religion, education, region, class, gender, race, and ethnicity produce a broad spectrum of views about the political world. even when people have similar backgrounds, they often have different opinions. we wish everyone would just think like us, but they don't. as a wise old saying puts it, "never talk politics with someone you just met." for those trying to implement the public will, this great diversity of opinion makes it difficult to even define public opinion -- which public are we talking about? of course, none of this stops political leaders from engaging in a constant search for public opinion, employing ever more sophisticated and expensive methods. the truth seems to be that this search is like the quest for the holy grail. as soon as sometng that can be called public opinion is identified, it changes. for "democracy in america," i'm renee poussaint. annenberg media ♪ for information about this and other annenberg media programs call 1-800-learner and visit us at
say yesterday. [video clip] them a we do not know if it is a single religion or single border. they carry bad ideas instead of flowers. al qaeda is a dirty wind that wants to spread worldwide. flowers to to carry expand them at the international level. request. it is not only about iraq. it is about all of the countries in the world that are suffering from terrorism. many internal crisis in the crisis andproxy proxy wars for regional countries. the most dangerous of these are the wars that are waged on sectarian banners. people are free to choose their religion. no one has the right to interfere. some want to force what they believed on people and force people to think in the way they see fit. this is very dangerous. this kind of ideology and ,entality has its own school its own institute, its own supporters. we have the right to request the sufferingd, which is -- and to support all of the people that are suffering from al qaeda and the terrorists and allow for people to live in -- to live in peace. the prime minister meeting with obama, we will have that live for you at 1:30
samples. later we would do research connecting mutations to actual breast cancer risk. jewish religion has long be a list of a risk factor -- factor for breast cancer. early risk literature and breast cancer, religion, particular in the jewish religion is a risk factor so initially when the braque the research started it was seen as evidence for that. the language wasn't quite pull language of ancestry as much ethnicity. a lot of confusion in the early years of braque a research. more questions? >> this sounds like another variation of blaming the victim and so it is the victim's fault, you don't have to do much about it. i wonder if you could talk about this for mohels policy perspective, right now what is going on in terms of health policy in this issue. >> what i was initially concerned was -- has been the status, environmental health policy, public health policy, and my early research in breast cancer was looking at activism around the environment particularly in the new york area. that early research was there is a lot of activism around why is it so many women are being diagnosed wit
establishment of religion. >> that clause coming into play when a court makes the ruling from a small town in new york. >>> joining us with details is father jonathan morris. >> good morning. >> tell us, this is a big case because it's gone to the supreme court. >> huge. >> it has major implications about religion in our country. >> it's huge. >> it comes from greece, new york. >> it does. the small town in upstate, new york, had a tradition of once a month there would be a pastor that would come in and lead the city council in prayer. usually it was a christian pastor because the local community is predominantly christian, but then a couple of people complained. they were non-theists. another term for an atheist who said we should also be able to have somebody represent us. keep in mind what is prayer? prayer is talking to god. why a theist would want be to do that i'm not exactly sure. but at the base -- at the core of this case is whether or not in a public place, like a courtroom, like, for example, before a football game in kansas someplace, whether or not in that public institution w
religions or muslims of a addict sect is driving the casualty rate higher. >> it's like warfare using the tools of terrorism. >> reporter: but the violence is more concentrated than you might think. three countries, iraq, pakistan, and afghanistan, suffer more than half the attacks and the casualties. the flip side to some of those numbers is what is happening here 234 the united states. the threat to civilians in the u.s. and western europe and eastern asia may be declining, which is good news for the citizens that live there. erin? >> all right, chris, thank you very much. that brings us back to our question of the night. does changes in the nsa and the spying, will that change that or not? >>> rapper jay z say he is being unfairly demonized for teaming up with the high end retailer barney's. two people were detained by police when they bought expensive things. since then, a lot of people, hundreds, have taken to twitter. more than 16,000 people have demanded that jay z end his partnership with barney's. this puts jay z in a rather awkward position. he's about to launch a collection
of the press, freedom of speech, assembly, religion. everyone agrees with that. and we go much beyond that. you have to be willing to compromise on all other positions because you cannot have a functioning society unless people recognize they want to live together because of the fundamentals. after that like we've done for a very long period of time, a degree of comedy in the political system, which we've lost. that's what i love to use because it was so graphic is jerry ford, president ford used to rare against speaker tip o'neill from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm. >> even though they served in congress tomorrow. >> at 6:00 m tip would come over to the west wing and have a scotch or bourbon with his old buddy jerry. >> rose: my interest is understanding how you might create a different atmosphere that would allow people now charged with finding common ground, to do that. i mean, do they, for example, warren buffett suggested maybe what they need to do is not have any, just go off somewhere and have the privacy of not a public discussion. >> they don't have to go anywhere. the troubles, i'm not sure t
. >> the targeting of other religions or muslims of a different sect is driving casualty rate higher. >> it is much more like warfare and it's warfare using the tools of terrorism. >> but the violence is more concentrated than you might think. three countries, iraq, pakistan, and afghanistan, suffered more than half the attacks and the casualties. and that really points out the flipside of some of those numbers. the danger to civilians in the united states. western europe, even parts of eastern asia isn't nearly as high and may actually be declining. chris lawrence, cnn, washington. >>> when we come back on "around the world," a terrific story. iran's national soccer team heading to the world cup and guess what, an american coach is going along with them. how he wound up involved with the iranian team coming up. [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats
. nothing was getting in. to religion on the rails. this new york train is a moving synagogue
, the brokers are getting a little religion here. they're saying, "why should i distribute your funds unless you pay me to? "you get these big management fees. "i want some of it. "you're getting plenty. give me some." >> smith: the problem is that these fees are not paid by the fund company. the bill is passed to you and me. here it is, buried deep in my 401(k) plan documents. it took me about an hour to find the reference. do you think the industry could do a better job of making people aware of the effective fees on their savings? >> i think we could make people aware of the effect of every pressure that they have on their accounts. >> smith: what stands in the way of doing that better job? >> (laughing) what i would tell you is, sometimes it's very difficult to get people to focus on something that seems complicated and dull and boring. so could we do a better job with helping consumers understand all the things that are tied to what they just bought, whether it's financial services or their riding lawn mower? yes, it's too complicated. >> ah, retirement. sit back, relax, pull out the paper
is america does not have a right wing political problem. america has a right wing religion problem. and when they talk about losing our heritage and all the rest of it, this is a kind of religious delusion i talk about in my book "and god said, billy" which might as well be a biography of the cruz family. we've got to stop being so polite. we kind of dance around it and we don't say something very obvious. and that is the obama sabotage campaign has been driven by one group and one group only in this country. and that is white predominantly southern evangelicals who have a chip on their shoulder because he's black, because he's liberal, because he's come passionate and humane. he doesn't go along with their war on the poor, their war on women, their war on gay people. and they have it in for him. not for political reasons. they have it in for him because he doesn't fit in with their right wing agenda that comes straight out of their interpretation of the bible. the religious delusion i talk about in the book. that's it. that's the story and that's what the media has not been reporting. >> yo
that it is against their religion. >> we had a court decision on that today in the second district court in d.c. hang on right there. i want to bring in natalie. you have a website, baby sleep >> yes. >> where were you when i had my two kids? >> i don't know. how old are they? >> do you train 14-year-olds to go to sleep? if you do, whatever that is you will make a lot of money fast. all right. you have -- by the way, that's cool. i bet business is booming. >> i can't complain. yes, it's doing well. >> tell us about your health care issues. >> so i have always carried my own health insurance plan. it's been important to me that i be insured. when my husband left law school i found an insurer after i was denied for some pre-existing condition. i was accepted by my insurer. so i carried a great plan. after i had my son i decided to step down and take what was considered the catastrophic plan. this plan has a $1500 deductible and $3,000 out of pocket maximum. i have been to the doctor several times and never felt i have been gouged. love my plan. didn't go on my husband's plan. great plan. n
limits the right of free exercise of religion. the justices striking down that requirement. saying it burdens or compels business owners regardless of their religious bleachbeliefs t provide health coverage which includes birth control. others say it's the employees who have the right to coverage. >> the only question here is whether our government can force religious business owners to pay for abortion-causing drugs and to pay for contraceptives even if that's against their deeply held religious beliefs. >> the reason for that is you have the right to practice what you want but an employer shouldn't have the right to deny the people who work at that institution their right to follow their consciouses and use contracepti contraception. >> a little background center on the owners of freshway foods, a pair of catholic brothers who did not want to provide cont contraceptives for their employees citing their religious beliefs. the two are facing a $14 million fine for not complying. while the obama administration says it is necessary, the judges were not convinced in this case. the dec
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